Tuesday, March 29, 2011

About Meetppu


The Trust hereby established shall be known as “ Meetppu” (Meetppu which stands for Migrant  Employees Education for Transformation prevention and protection union) such other name as may be decided by the board of Trustees.  It such need arises and shall herein after be referred as the trust.


The registered office of the Trust shall be located in the rental premises at 96 New LIG colony, Annanagar, Madurai – 625 020 or at any other place or places as may be decided by the Board of Trustees from time to time.
The trust may open additional offices or branches at any other place or places, it may think fit for the operation of the Trust.  However, all additional offices or branches that may be opened from time to time shall function only as Branch offices of the Trust.

•    Create awareness among the migrant labourers their families regarding their  issues/problems and prevention steps to be taken
•    The bonded migrant labourers from both rescue National and International location and rehabilitate them.
•    Ensure a better living condition

•    To Promote branches for the migrant workers in India
•    To Rescue the migrant bonded labourers.
•    To Provide legal and medical assistance the rescued labourers and their families
•    To rehabilitate affected migrants with livelihood opportunities.
•    To represent to the state and central governments and other institutions on behalf of migrant labourers to address their issues.
•    to create data base on migrant workers above their standards of living, issues  and solutions, for them
•    To educate and disseminate the relevant information to new job seekers and to     have a safe and secured employment in the migrated places.

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